Education and Industrial Short Courses

1) Advanced Logic Design:

Methodology and Circuit Techniques, Selected topics in logic design of complex and high-performance systems such as:

  • Advanced circuits technology for high-speed logic
  • Low power
  • Clocking and timing of high performance systems
  • High-performance latch and pipelining
  • Pipeline conflicts and hazard resolution
  • High-performance circuits for fast computer arithmetic and algorithms for fast computation
  • Design methodology and use of hierarchy in the design
  • Design for testability and test.

This course was taught at: Hewlett-Packard Laboratories 1996, Silicon Systems Inc. 1995, and as a regular course of the University of California Berkeley Extension and Hewlett-Packard.

2) Advanced Micro-Architecture:
Design issues and micro-architecture of modern processors:

  • Architectural features that enable high-performance.
  • Comparative analysis of existing computer architectures and distinguish features.
  • Issue in instruction set design and relationship with the pipeline and hardware implementation.
  • Instruction set statistics and usage. Memory structure and optimization of the memory hierarchy.

Issues in core design:

  • Advanced pipelining and issues in super-scalar and super-pipelined computer design and relation to architecture.
  • Implementation of RISC V architecture, and RISC V pipeline.

This course was taught as a regular course of the University of California Berkeley Extension.

3) VLSI Implementation of Fast Computer Arithmetic